Emma Coconut Milk
Emma Coconut Milk

Emma Coconut Milk

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Emma (est 1985) 100% Archipelago Emak Recipe

Archipelago is an island group, island chain, or a small number of scattered islands. In South East Asia (SEA), archipelago forms Nusantara where people live here regularly use coconuts in their daily life.
Emma which is synonym to ‘EMAK’ in SEA’s archipelago languages means MOTHER; a single word that embodies all of the love a human being could possibly offer. Traditionally, mothers from the archipelago showed their love by using only natural wholesome ingredients to cook for the family.
Today, Emma wants to bring back the Emak Recipe to you through the finest and purest of coconut milk in Emma’s UHT Coconut Milk/Cream (370ml & 1L) and Coconut Milk Powder (50gm).
- Dairy Free
- Gluten Free
- Vegan
- All Natural